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I love the fact that the tool is super simple to use and gives you exactly what you need. I was going to make "steak tacos" but after searching for that I decided to go for "flank steak tacos" as it seems like it is an easier to rank recipe.

I think it is a great tool and I will continue to use it.
Aysegul Sanford, food blogger
Most SEO tools are for marketers.
Gookey is different:
Simple tool that gets job done. Fast!
Keywords that will actually bring you visitors.
Based on latest SEO knowledge and practices.
Designed and priced for bloggers, not professional marketers.
Gookey is a great tool to supplement your keyword research. It's not like the other tools where it bombards you with 1000s of keywords, it picks out keywords with search volume and tells you how easy or difficult it will be to rank for those keywords with your domain.

This tool will save you hours that you would otherwise put into tedious keywords research.
Saijo George, SEO expert
Built by people just like you!
Software Engineer, Husband
Last year Artur created — a service used by thousands of bloggers big and small. He also works at, the leading SEO toolset in our country. Today he is building Gookey to help his wife Natali and other bloggers save time.
Blogger, Wife
Natali has been writing about our special kid for the last three years. She loves photography and travel, and is actively bringing happiness and harmony into our family life. She made 7 failed attempts to understand SEO, and instead made Artur start Gookey.
Simplest pricing ever!
Simplest tool ever!
Having used most keyword research tools over the years, Gookey is the simplest and easiest that I've seen. I like the one-click option to delve deeper into each suggestion. For bloggers and those who write about multiple topics Gookey will be quick and convenient.
Jason Lavis
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